Monday, November 8, 2010

Biofilms on the Kinneret shores.

The research poster

In my short scientific career I've only presented my research in small conferences most of them here in Israel. I've recently presented my research just last week, when I participated in a small scientific conference in Genosar, on the shores of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). The main subject of the meeting was biofilms. Biofilms are a complex aggregation of micro-organisms growing on a solid substrate for instance water pipes.
I researched biofilm that accumulates on pipes transferring freshwater. To make a long story short my aim was to determine the bacterial communities that compose the biofilm. The research was partly funded by the Israeli Ministry of Trade. It is a part of a larger scientific effort to find ways to prevent development of biofilm interfering with pipe and water transfer maintenance.
My research was performed on environmental biofilm that was sampled from the pumping site in Genosar.  There are many biofilm types though and some were presented in the conference. Including the biofilm that resides on our teeth and causes cavities.
The conference was very short (only one overnight) and very intense (many lectures and very short breaks) but I rather enjoyed it.  I even got to discuss and present my poster to some people. I went to sleep early and slept a whole night through which for me was a real treat, (my youngest son still wakes up at least once a night).  But still sitting more than 2 straight hours listen is very tasking so I went for a walk to soak my feet in the water of the Kinneret.
My main impression from the whole conference was actually the poor state of the lake that is the main water source of Israel. Years of draught pushed the coast line more than 200 meters. I was very saddened by the site and it only left me more hoping for rain.

Legs in the water
Where the shore used to be.....


  1. the kineret is in its worst condition i remember. and it seems that this year will not be any better.
    i'm sure you'll be presenting future huge posters on super important conferenced worldwide.
    the most important thing is that you got a good night sleep.

  2. a visit to the kineret makes me sad, it is disappearing within a lifetime. Hopefully the desalination plants will help alleviate at least some of the water shortage in Israel.
    Glad you had a full nights sleep!

  3. Someone should help put a stop to mineral water plants like neviot/ein gedi. When you take water out of an environment you turn that environment into land less able to grow plants, and therefore less able to retain water, and therefore more desert. Simple.
    Someone should also encourage less reliance on animals for calories. They take alot of water.
    And someone should also focuse on building water retnetions systems into the land, as they do in china- for hundreds of years. Ditches, filled with downed trees, and shrubbery, then covered up. Retains water. Slows runoff. Raises the water table. Trees survive drought better. Trees mean less desert. Less desert more rain. more rain.

  4. Thanks Anonymous for your comment. I agree with what you've written, I wish that the government would have read you comment.

  5. Hi Yael,

    Nice blog. BUT, I do recall that when you were with us you presented your research abroad at least once at an Adelson meeting and in the Tuszynski lab' in San Diego...

    I hope you find your way back to science when the time is right for you.



  6. Hi Mike
    I stand corrected and corrected my post.