Saturday, December 11, 2010

A not so happy Hanukah

A lot was written in the past week about the great fire that consumed a big part of the Carmel ridge nature reserve. The scale of the event was huge even for this country so accustomed to disasters.  43 dead, is an inconceivable number.  The public outrage will haunt the politicians and the media for a long time. I've cried in front of the TV for 3 straight days but couldn't help thinking that leaders of this country invested billions in the most advanced fighter jets but couldn't be bothered to spend 10 million on a fire fighter plane; we had to call the Greek fire fighters for that.  The fire could spread so easily because the trees and bush of the Carmel were subsequently dry after 8 months without rain. The irony is that once the fire was under control after 72 hours of enormous efforts, winter finally decided to drop by.
We live in the center of the country, an hour drive from the Carmel so the fire didn't reach our home; our daily lives weren't affected by the disaster. We just carry a nagging feeling that citizens of this country are abandoned by the authorities. It's easier for leaders to frighten us with an Iranian missile in the future then to face the truth about the state of health, education and social gaps currently.
Having said all that, we still celebrated Hanukah.  We lighted the candles every evening on at least 3 menorahs (there is always the one the kids make in kindergarten), we invited a lot of friends over and were invited in return, and there was a frenzy of fried food.  It was my son first Hanukah pageant but he refused to perform in front of all the parents instead we got a private show when he got home.  Hanukkah has always been my favorite holiday. Despite the news I had a lovely time with my family and good friends. We're now only left with the hope that this was the last disaster we'll witness and that winter is finally here. It's raining. 


  1. Israel has never experienced a forest fire on that scale and wasn't prepare. It is sad that they didn't follow up on their own recommendations, perhaps the damaged could have been mitigated.
    On a change of note-Awesome Hannukah party and tastiest latkes- post a recipe please so I will be prepared for next year

  2. Will do! A food post on it's way. thanks Sarah!