Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The first weekend of 2011

The past couple of weeks and weekends were spent in a similar way to the one I've already described a year ago, when I reflected about getting myself a tattoo of a washing machine

This last weekend was a really pretty one. The sky was grey and rain drizzled from time to time and finally we were all feeling well.  We decided that no kind of weather will deter us and we'll get out of the house. Our plans for some grand hike were cancelled when we discussed the issue with some friends of ours who wanted all of us to spend the Saturday together. We went instead to the big city Tel-Aviv. Actually it was closer to Jaffa because we went to wonder around the old train station that led from Jaffa to Jerusalem.
The place was recently renovated and reconstructed and now it's a yuppie shopping center with some nice cafes, but it still holds a nostalgic charm. 


We mostly run around the old tracks with the kids and admired the architecture because of our  friend Shiri who is an architect. 

Shiri's favourite: old wood shutters holders in shapes of human heads.

There were lovely shops that we liked looking at but they were quite expensive. I liked the interior design though

A pretty store for utensils

Even inside the shops they tried to keep the old decoration.
After a short burst of rain the sun came out and we decided that we must go down to the sea. The children wondered what is the sense in that but Shiri explained it to them by declaring that "the sea in winter is not the sea in the summer", which I found to be a very Zen saying. So we went down to the board walk to watch some crazy surfers. It was quite beautiful.

Sea in winter
One crazy surfer
We ended the lovely tour back home with a great diner of steaks and fries. 

A wonderful start for a new year.

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  1. Did you see me waving to you from hof palmahim? There were alot more crazy sufers there(gals too, btw)and some of them weren't half bad. I think the beach is the prettiest in the winter. Happy New Year 2011!