Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest post at Food Wanderings

When I first begun to write my blog, I thought that writing is a lonely vocation, that still may be true but blogging turned out to be a great way to socialize and meet many new people. Among the many food bloggers I've encountered through the web the past months, Shullie Madnick from Food Wanderings turned out to be one of my preferred ones. I like her use of fresh ingredients, uncomplicated yet tasty recipes and above all lovely writing and photography. I was really delighted when Shullie asked me to write a guest post for a series of articles about Israel. So please check out Food Wandering blog, and come with to my weekly shopping at Ramle market.


  1. Hey Yael, So happy to have you as my guest. You did such a lovely job and yay the cart pic found it's honorary place!!

  2. Like your trendy shopping cart. Mine is ugly compared.