Thursday, September 15, 2011

My travel log: The best breakfast in Newfoundland

Tablelands trail

 We woke up early that day, packed all our suitcases and many bags, managed somehow to cram everything into our already battered hired car and hit the road. We planned to have breakfast at the restaurant next to our room, but it was firmly shut and "opened at nine", as the note on the door said. It was Saturday morning. Although we were a bit hungry, we couldn't stay. Our mission of the day was to get our eldest girl to Lomond Camp Ground on the south part of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. There she joined my friend Sarah and her adventurous family for a day of hiking: sixteen km of the Green Garden trail. 
We thought that 16km were too much for our three years old to walk and too much for his dad to carry him on his shoulders. Therefore we needed to devise other plans for the day. After bidding farewell to our daughter our next mission had to be food. My younger daughter already expressed her apprehension and a dire need for some carbohydrates. We didn't find any restaurants or eateries driving around this remote part of the park dotted with little fishing villages, but we found a nice picnic spot. A little clearing in the forest, scattered with a few benches.

There in the middle of nowhere, my DH demonstrated once more what a capable cook he is and made us the best breakfast we had on our entire journey through Canada. Mushrooms were cut, cheese and eggs beaten, bread was toasted, Canadian bacon sizzled, using only the little propane camping burner purchased 2 weeks earlier at a local Walmart and a 10 dollar pan.  Who needs restaurants when you have such a cook at home? For dessert my chef of a husband took some bananas, sugar, and a bit of rum and voila: Banana Flambé in the middle of the forest. Even the squirrels came down of the trees to see what's cooking.  We were lucky with the unpredictable weather of Newfoundland and had a lovely day with only light drizzle and fog.  

The rest of the day was dedicated to exploring the nature and amazing scenery of the Tablelands Mountains, Trout River and the lovely picturesque town of Woody Point. I am no poet so I lack the words to describe those views; I let my camera speak for me.

Trout River

The lighthouse at Woody Point, Gros Morne National Park

Our Canada voyage in short: Landing in Montreal and spending a few days exploring the city, from there driving to the Mauricie National Park and further to Quebec City; a 1000km drive with only one stop on the way brought us to North Sydney where we took the ferry to Newfoundland. After 10 days we took the ferry back and stayed 2 days on Cape Breton, Nova-Scotia. Drove from there to Prince Edward Island, after 5 days on the island we got back to New-Brunswick's Fundy Bay area. All the way back to Montreal via Grand Falls, NB and Ile d'Orleans ,Quebec. We took the train to Toronto, and there we boarded the plane back home, to hot Israel. 


  1. How I miss Canadian bacon...Great post!

  2. big LIKE, great post and awsome pictures !

  3. Thanks a lot Erez and Limor. Shabat Shalom.

  4. Missing Canada so much! Like that you put the map to the bottom of the post, the first picture now is awe inspiring!

  5. Sound and looks like a delicious breakfast I can almost smell the banana flombe being cooked.

    Beautiful pictures.

  6. nothing tastes better than a camping breakfast prepared with love. Way to go, Abba Erez!

  7. Thanks for your comments Yoav and D. We already miss our trip in Canada. But DH is making great food no matter where he is.