Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changing and rearranging.

Free as a butterfly? Nor really, but quite pleased. 

I've jump started my career only 3 weeks ago and it already feels like I lived in this lab all my life.  My brain cells are all devoted to the effort of understanding my new environment. I've tried to spare some to writing and photographing but at this point in time it is an enormous effort. I have a big project that is quite complicated. I do not want to leave this blog which is very important to me, in a way it has been a journal of my life. So I need to figure out the shape it will take in the future. I'm processing all the changes and they will manifest in here eventually. I urge you to bear with me and be patient with formatting and design shifts. I will keep writing and sharing my views on science (there will be a lot of science now….), photography, travel and food with and without gluten. I'm concluding this post with a few photos because I might shift the blog's theme from writing to photographing. 
Rainbows are always a sign of hope and optimism.

I'm gonna fly like this beautiful ibis from the Hachula area.


  1. Good luck with your new job. I think its a good idea to continue this blog even if you only have time to post photographs (they are great, btw).

  2. All the best in your new position :-)

    It would be great if you could continue posting your thoughts, pictures, science experience, anything..... in the future

    Hope to hear from you soon