Monday, February 21, 2011

Holiday in Rome

Views of Rome April 2005
The first and so far only time I've been to Rome was a few years ago when we decided on a family vacation in Italy, there were only four of us then since my youngest son was not even a thought. We spent there only 3 hectic days before moving North towards Tuscany. We tried to see as much as possible and dragged our daughters from The Colosseum to The Forum, from The Spanish Stairs to Piazza Navona. We tried to introduce them in record time some Art and History. My daughters' favorite part was playing hide and seek in the impressive fortress of Castillo de St. Angelo on the other hand my favorite part was eating a square slice of thin crust pizza near The Forum and having a great cup of double espresso in a small cafe in the alleys behind our hotel. My memory of Rome is a bit blurred since we moved through everything so quickly trying to  see as much as possible but of course we hardly saw anything. 
The Angel guarding the Castillo de St. Angelo

Now I might have a chance to visit Rome once more. If my friend Sarah will win a contest by having as many viewers as possible to a little clip advertising Barilla Pasta on YouTube. So watch our video and spread the link, I'd love to take some new pictures of Fontana Di Trevi. 
thanks for your patience and enjoy!


  1. I am a Hollywood scout, I absolutely love the video and was wondering if you would like to work for MGM. BTW, what's the name of the dog?

  2. beautiful. please wrie a post on tuscany!

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