Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter in the Desert

Look at my DH taking pictures of the lovely view of Nitzana Hillocks near the Egyptian border. It is a beautiful area that we visited for the first time this year in our annual winter desert vacation. 
This is the third year we are heading south of Israel in January, when the heat is bearable for some hiking and  relaxing.  We stay just for the weekend, at the same hotel in Mitzpe-Ramon where we go out to our various excursions exploring the desert. The small quiet town of Mitzpe-Ramon sits on the edges of the Ramon Crater (Maktesh Ramon), a worldwide unique geological phenomenon and a great spot for family treks.
 Photos from 3 winters in the Negev area including ibexes, fossils, birds and great view.
 The desert provides the best opportunities for getting away and really reconnect with your family, yourself and of course nature in all its beauty. 
My kids  love these annual getaways. A weekend without TV but with a lot of birds, lizards and of course many ibexes (local mountain goats). Whenever we hike in the desert we meet one or more ibex and my kids are convinced it's all because of me, that I have a special bond with those animals since ibex in Hebrew is Yael.

3 winters of girls climbing on hills and trees.
This post is mainly about pictures, of family and nature. Going out with my favorite people on Earth to a place that might seem blank and lifeless but actually is full of adventure is one of my favorite things in the world.
How to bring up a hiker.
Indiana Jones style family in the old Nabbatinan city of Nitzana

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  1. I see you are getting your hiking legs ready for the big trip. Awesome views of the desert,one of my favorite places.