Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some more almond blossom before it'll disapear

Almonds on the hills in the afternoon
I've discovered a very pleasant fact on the area I'm living in. It is surrounded by hills that are covered in almond trees and they all bloom right now. In addition to that there are cultivated almond orchards in the settlements 5 minutes' drive from my door step. All this beauty is intoxicating. I got addicted to taking pictures of almond blossom. I found myself taking pictures in the rain because the light on the flowers was a bit different from the light in the afternoon or mid-morning. I've also found out that taking pictures of this loveliness has a therapeutic effect.  For example someone made me very angry, in fact full of rage. So instead of shooting that horrible person, I went almond tree shooting.  I know I'm in danger here of completely exhausting the subject, but look how pretty is everything.

Almond orchard in mid-morning

Almond orchard in the rain


  1. one word - beautiful
    in two words - very beautiful

  2. These are stunning pictures! Isn't it lovely to see flowers bloom? Can't wait for spring here...