Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A very short Israeli Spring

Anemones, cyclamens, Iris, and asphodels in the Judea Hills, Israel
At this point in time horrible disasters are happening to people, both far away in Japan and very close to us here in Itamar, Israel. We are flooded with terrifying images of what nature and what human (or non-human) nature can cause. I am taking a break of that for a while and try to find consolation in the beauty nature brings to us sometimes. I don't write about politics in this blog so I'll just share with you my hopes that the dark days will be over soon for all the suffering people.

Israeli Spring is like a magician performing the disappearing act: now you see it, now you don't.  There are a few (so very few) days that are warm but not too hot, when the sun is pleasant but not scorching and the light is gentle as opposed to blinding. It is a time of beauty when one feels that this is indeed The Promised Land. At this time of year many types of trees, bush and herbs bloom. Their blossom is beautiful and intense; as if the plants know that soon they'll wither and they must take advantage of this short period of grace when there is just enough water and not too much sun.  I am always thrilled to go hiking this time of year because I know I'll almost always find something wonderful like rare orchids, wild tulips or even meet a nice lazy turtle.
wild orchid

wild tulip
At this time of year even the unimposing low hills not far from my town are magical places of color and lush green. I don't even need to drive in order to see lovely green pastures dotted with the red of a thousand anemones, just take a nice few minutes' walk from my doorstep.  All this loveliness will disappear soon enough when April's Eastern winds will desiccate the land and by June all will be yellow and dusty again for a long while. So for the few weeks left I'll enjoy those pretty colors, hope you will too. 
The Turtle

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