Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boomerangs and Tomatoes - A market at the end of the world.

There's a new site in town. It is called exotic markets and it's for all of us travellers and foodies that like wondering for hours in market places shopping, eating and most important photographing.
Digging up old files searching for interesting markets photos to upload, I came across these pictures taken in the Fremantle Marketplace in Fremantle near Perth, Western Australia. This was one of the most unique places I've ever been to especially because it is so far from where I live.  
At the entrance to the Fremantle market
We were there as a part of an instant trip to Australia some years ago, when my middle child was just a three months old baby. We spent only four days in this huge country and managed to see a tiny bit from its Western part. It was a very modest voyage mostly in the perimeter of Perth City but still we found charming places and modest adventures. One of these places was the old city of Fremantle, sitting at the western edge of the continent where the Swan River spills to the Indian Ocean. Fremantle's Victorian charm appealed to us and the mixture of old and new, east and west, native and colonial was most apparent in its market place. In the market we could find Chinese noodles near a Turkish kebab, or lemons and tomatoes near paintings and native craft.
Fresh produce

Food stalls from every corner of the world

The market resides in an historic building from 1897 and it house over 150 shops for craftspeople, fashion designers, and merchants in the historic Hall, and fresh food producers, vegetable growers and food retailers in The Yard. The Markets are typically open on the weekend, and are a popular Fremantle tourist destination considered "a Fremantle institution".
My favorite stall was the one selling the neon colored boomerangs- what a twist on tradition. Unfortunately we didn't get one of those, I don't remember why.
Neon boomerangs
Coming from Israel, Fremantle, Western Australia was the end of the world. Hope I'll visit that place again someday.    


  1. brings back memories. great post. we should get back there for the boomerang

  2. My father comes from Western Australia and for any Australians it is also the other end of the place as its soooo far away.

  3. wow, what a great post, thanks so much for the link! I would love to travel to Australia one day, my only trip consisted of drinking coffee in Sydney's airport, that doesn't count.

  4. Those neon boomerangs look great, I would go just for those... okay, maybe not...

  5. Thank you all for your comments.
    Simcha, I wasn't aware that even the Aussies consider it the end of the world :)
    Next time we're getting one of those boomerangs, for sure.