Sunday, May 1, 2011

How I've watched The Royal Wedding or English scones

The Cinderella story of Kate Middleton and Prince William has affected my daughters considerably. Both girls adore all things shiny and glittery from early age, though I really tried not to bring them up after those gender clichés. But some things are stronger than my feministic aspirations, and my girls grew up adoring princess stories, fairy tales and Disney movies. I guess family members constantly referring to them as "princess" didn't contribute. So the Royal Wedding was big deal for them, a real prince is getting married! It's like a Disney movie in real life. My husband and I couldn't care less, The British mandate over Israel (then it was known as Palestine) has ended 63 years ago. My daughters on the other hand counted the days to the big event, and were engrossed in all the debates about the bride's dress and so on. Last Friday the minute they got back from school the TV was switched on and a hectic zapping between BBC, SKY and Israeli TV channels broadcasting The Wedding has begun. So I confess I got caught up in the excitement and baked my daughters some English scones gluten and lactose free. We all loved Kate's dress by the way.
2 cups of gluten free mixture of soy, and corn flours and corn starch about a third from each.
2 tea spoons baking powder
1/4 tea spoon table salt
4 table spoon sugar
The flours mixture

60gr butter or substitute like margarine
1 egg
75ml milk or soy milk
1.       Pre-heat the oven to 190 centigrade and oil a baking tray.
2.       Sift and mix the dry ingredients to a large bowl
3.       Add the margarine
4.       Using the tips of your fingers mush the margarine into the flour mix until a crumbly mixture is formed.
5.       Break the egg to a separate small bowl and mix it with the milk, take about a spoon full of the mix for later use.
6.       Add the egg to the crumbles mixture a little each time and mix well after adding till you receive soft dough that is not sticky any more, add a bit of corn starch if necessary.
Soft dough ready for work

7.       Scatter corn starch on the work surface and place the dough on it and stretch it using a rolling pin till it's about 1cm thick.
8.       Using a form about 5 to 6 cm diameter, form the scones and place them on the baking tray.  
9.       The left over can be kneaded, starched and used to form more scones.
10.   Brush the dough discs with the egg mix that you took out previously.
11.   Bake the scones for about 10 minutes or till they golden.
12.   Eat with homemade jam or butter.
Tea and scones



  1. great you have daughters you can share the royal wedding with.

  2. Keep the fun going for them with this great site - all sorts of wedding crafts

  3. Thanks Simcha and Sarah for you comments. Simcha, thanks for site address.

  4. Forget the dress, ths scones were great (with butter and cherries jam). For the GF version you just need to sandwich two scones instead of opening one. And yes I loved the dress but also the prince's sword and medals.
    Waiting for the wadi Prat post!

  5. Hi Yael,
    These sound very good, and so do your rich chocolate cookies.
    What do you mean by corn flour -- corn meal like for polenta?

  6. Hi Faye.
    Thanks for reading and commenting. When I write corn flour it's corn meal but finer then the one used for polenta. I use the brand Duchan Gan-Shmuel, they have a series of flours (soy, corn, tapioca) gluten-free.

  7. Thanks, Yael. On the package does it say "corn flour",
    קמח תירס ?

    or something else?

  8. Hi Faye
    Yes its קמח תירס של דוכן גן-שמואל